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Inspiring health and happiness in women and mums to gain the results they dream about at night, well maybe daydream, do you actually sleep?

  • Less Stress

  • Lose Weight

  • Improve Energy

  • Clear skin

  • Keep up with their families

  • Enjoy watching their children grow

  • Regain energy

​At Know Your Nutrition, we use a holistic approach to nutrition and health to get you long lasting results.

Skype & Online Appointments Available. Not a mum? Its OK I can still help you too!



You're a busy mum who is always on the go with a to do list that seems longer than it takes to get your children to sleep.  Your family and friends always come first in your priorities.  The mum guilt is real when you do try and take some time for yourself. You put a smile on every day but on the inside you are exhausted and have lost the passion for things in life that you used to love. 

You are strong, driven, passionate and would do anything for your children but does it come at a cost of your own health and happiness? Are you running on empty, feeling fatigued, stressed, anxious and starting to see the body weary signs of weight increase, poor gut health and a sugar craving that just wont let up?

You are a classic over-acheiver, type A personality, have to do it all, never ask for help. You spend your waking hours helping everyone else, often at your own expense. But who is looking after you?


I get it.  I’ve been there.  It was easy to put everyone else’s needs before mine, until it wasn’t anymore.  It led me to quit my corporate job and follow my passion of health and helping others. I wanted to find a way of looking after my own health, plus my family. After experiencing burn out, adrenal fatigue and glandular fever I knew something had to give. 

I didn’t even know how to have fun anymore and I forgot what having energy felt like. I lost the enjoyment in my work and in my kids. 

You shouldn't have to feel like you "have to do it all"or "prove your worth"", mum life shouldn't be hard all the time

This is why I am here to help you find you again. She is there I promise. 

I bring out the spark and enegry in you and the true passion of who you are.  I help you regain your health, mind and passion.

Working with people like you is my absolute passion, I cannot get enough and it empowers me to do the amazing work I do, to help you live your best life and truly find the health balance, tips, tricks and lifestyle that becomes your life. not another chore. 

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