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Food Safety Divison

I help small food manufacturing businesses build their quality management systems and help educate to achieve their certification goals. I know how hard it can be to run a whole quality system, particularly in a small business when resources are limited and people are working across multiple functions.

I have over 10 years experience working in quality management, from quality coordinator through to national quality management for a multinational ASX listed business. I know all the tips and tricks and I want to share them with you. 

I have worked in FMCG in dairy, dry goods, confectionary, pet food, UHT, wet goods, bulk buy and package and the stock feed industry

What standards do I need?

I can help you find what standards you will need to meet customer and regulatory requiremnts. Ranging from BRC, SQF, HACCP, DFSV, Primesafe, Feedsafe, FAMI QS and registering with your local council.


HACCP underpins the majority of food safety systems required for food manufacturers. I can help you develop your HACCP plan, the support programs and associated documents and ensure you feel empowered to run the system after I walk out of your  office. I can help you with the whole system, or just 1 document.

Internal Audits & Site Inspections

If you have written up or maintained an SQF, BRC or ISO 22000 or other GFSI standard without the use of a consultant, it may pay to have a fresh pair of eyes conduct an internal audit. Got your own auditor? let me create your iAuditor templates for you, so you can get to work while I do the admin. I can assist you to find the gaps, explain what the auditor is looking for and then help you meet the requirements. I educate you on the way through. I am a qualified lead auditor.

I tailor packages based on the assistance you need. 

  • Certified Principles & Application of HACCP

  • Lead Auditior

  • Internal Auditor

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