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It feels good to eat well (and healthy)
easy lunch ideas for you and your family.
Diet Salad
Like or Love it "LOL" Salad
1 handful of spinach (or lettuce of your choice)
6 cherry tomatoes
1/3 cup of sweet corn- uncooked
100g of lean meat or tofu or chickpeas
If you would like to mix it up a bit, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar dressing.
DFO, GF, High Protein, Low Fat
Vegetarian Appetizer
Wrap me up
1/2 cup tuna
lettuce of your choice
1/4 tomato diced
1tsp mozzarella 
1tsp of tahini
1 Gluten free wrap
GF, High Protein, High Polyunsaturated Fat (Omega 3s and 6s)
K.I.S.S (keep it simple sanga)
Lean meat or chicken of your choice
1 slice of cheese of your choice 
2 slices of tomato
2 slices wholegrain bread
Keep it simple, use what you already have at home. Make it the night before so it's ready for when you run out the door. Substitutes are OK.
High Protein
Bowled over sweet potato soup
1 sweet potato
1 leek
1/2 white onion
500mL of water
1 vegetable stock cube
1tsp of flour (GF flour if required)
1tsp of butter or nuttlex
Add one teaspoon of butter (or dairy free spread) and 1 teaspoon of flour to a pot over medium heat. Allow butter to melt, this will help thicken the soup.
Add 500mL of water and vegetable stock cube (salt reduced if possible).
Dice sweet potato and white onion and chop leek and add to boiling water.
Allow to cook for 45 minutes or until all ingredients are soft.
Allow to cool, blend using stick blender or bench blender until smooth and serve. 
Top with seeds or herbs you have on hand
DF, VG, GFO, Low Fat
Falafel Balls
Falafel Wrap
1 wholegrain wrap
3 falafels
3 slices tomato
Grated cheese to your taste
1 teaspoon hummus
1/4 cup of spinach
Pop the falafels in the microwave, pull out your wrap and prepare your fixtures. Add falafels and enjoy. 
DF, VG, GFO, Low Fat
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