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How can genes determine your likelihood of diseases and health issues?

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Genes, you get one set from your mother, and one set of your father, They are funny things genes, they can be the reason you have your great grandmothers bright blue eyes, or you great great grandfathers jet black hair.

Gene predisposition however does not guarantee that you will suffer from an issue. For example, I have a gene polymorphism that puts me at a high risk of suffering from Type 2 diabetes, this does not mean that I am guaranteed to have Type 2 diabetes, but it does mean that I should be vigilant on the types of foods that I eat, maintain a healthy weight and ensure I exercise.

My next door neighbour may not have these genes, and guess what? If they eat a diet high in saturated fat and simple sugars, are overweight and obese and don't participate in regular exercise, they still could very well have Type 2 diabetes.

Genes like mine, only become a problem if this gene is expressed or "turned on". But guess what you can suppress or "turn off" genes by those things I mentioned before, so yes you can limit the risk of any gene that your parents may have passed on to you by:

- Eating a healthy balanced diet that suits your genes

- Exercising Regularly

- Maintaining a healthy body weight

- Managing stress

Diseases can be caused because of your genes, or because of your environment. I find being aware of my high risk areas helps me stay focused on what it best for my health


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