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How to get motivated

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Do you struggle getting up in the morning to get up to get ready for the day? or go to the gym?

We know that intentions don't always equal action. So we need to put in place some simple steps to make our lives easier, and to get the behaviours in place to do the actual action.

All habits has a trigger, good or bad. It may be seeing the poor food choice in the cupboard, it could be seeing your gym clothes ready to put on as soon as you wake up.

All habits have a craving also. Do you know what time in the day you normally have cravings for sugary foods? is it 3pm? is it after dinner? Identifying is the first step. So rather than going for the snickers just cos its 3pm, have a substitute ready to go, could you have a raw dessert packed full of nutrients? could you have a handful of sweet berries, sultanas or a banana that can start to change that habit?

Write down the things you want to change, brainstorm how you can sub them or make them easier. Then give it a go. Also a tip is, you can catch motivation! Want to get up early to run? follow people on instagram who are doing just that. Ask your friends if they want to join you. Its alot harder to hit snooze when you have someone waiting.

Screw expectations, if you feel pressured to have a meal, drink or an unhealthy habit you arent interested in partaking in, have a back up plan, know your meal choice ahead of time and have your comeback ready for the haters, pick soda water and lime and just tell people they have vodka in it, or just tell people to f off and support what you are wanting to do.


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