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Is chocolate all bad?

How many different things have you heard about chocolate? I find its a bit like wine, one day its good for you, the next day its not. Why does that happen? Well different research groups look at different things, they have different scopes, different sample sizes and different hypotheses and aim of work. Different genetic types also play a role, In my opinion research can always find pro's and con's. The secret I believe is sticking to simplistic, foods that have not been processed and mostly a variety in your diet. Nevertheless the benefits of chocolate found in research refer to cacao, not a block of milk chocolate.

I do not believe in cutting out entire food groups, and I certainly don't support cutting out treats and sweets. So this post is about Chocolate. Chocolate is my absolute weakness, I have eaten whole block in a go, finished of boxes, smashed cakes  and just eaten way too much, I've eaten if for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. 

But not anymore, I avoid highly processed chocolate where possible and aim to either buy dark chocolate (70% cocoa) or make my own chocolately treats or bark using Cacao. That Cacoa not cocoa.

So what is Cacao:

  • It comes directly from the raw cocoa bean

  • Its not processed to the same extend of cocoa

  • Yes it still tastes like chocolate, but natural chocolate

Benefits of Cacao:

  • Cleaner alternative to processed chocolate

  • High in magnesium, iron and calcium

  • High in antioxidants

  • Studies have also found it can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, but I wouldn't rely on this one..

So what should you take a way from this? Cacao is a great option for sweet clean treats if you are looking at avoiding processed foods, but don't go overboard, one treat a day is plenty.  Stay tuned for some more delicious recipe ideas using cacao


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